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It is trendy to decorate the Christmas tree well in advance, so as to be immediately overwhelmed by the magic of the holidays and as a sign of good luck. The social profiles of the stars prove it. Preparing the decorations is among the most beautiful experiences of the holidays and allows you to enjoy the moments with family and friends to the fullest. Searching for Christmas tree decorations can really be a fun activity. Among lights, ribbons, balls, bows and garlands, the Coincasa selection has no equal. The traditional proposals are accompanied by more imaginative and modern ones, to give everyone the opportunity to express their imagination. The stars for the hand-decorated glass Christmas tree give a particular sparkle to the branches on which all the icons of the holidays can be hung together, such as funny Santa Claus figurines that pay homage to tradition, woodland animals, puppets and above all the new paper and papier-mâché decorations which, with their sweet simplicity, make us feel like children again. From year to year, Christmas baubles and precious or unusual decorations add new memories to the decorating ritual. And for perfectionists who love order without giving up the warmth of decorations, the Christmas tree base cover allows you to dress the living room in a total look.

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