Bathrobes and Slippers

Drying yourself after a bath or shower is not a good idea. just an automatic gesture, but a real caress for our skin, which is why the choice of bath robes should not be underestimated. The soft fabric of the cotton bathrobes of the Coin collection caresses the body like velvet, transforming cotton bathrobes into light and comfortable robes. With elegant honeycomb and jacquard workmanship, linen edges and embroidery, stripes and patterns, the refined color palette ranges from white to neutral tones, up to the most elegant shades. intense.

The coloured yarn-dyed bathrobes are designed for him and her, offering pure energy with strong and harmonious colours. Each bathrobe is designed to allow everyone to choose their own style of well-being in the relaxation room or within the home.

Comfort is a pleasant habit, and bathroom slippers can make the difference. Coin's comfortable slippers are beautiful without sacrificing style. Inside the house, you walk with the same elegance as outside. A pair of cotton or terry slippers, easy to put on and take off, accompany the steps from the bedroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the bathroom, ready to keep your feet warm during cold winters or pleasantly free in summer.

From fresh flip-flops to the classic version, the choice of the model of cotton or terry slippers will keep account of personality in terms of taste and style, and the possibility to match with terry or cotton bathrobes. If the inside of the slippers is a soft and velvety coat, the non-slip sole also allows it to be used outdoors at home such as the balcony or terrace.

The pure cotton sponge of the women's slippers is embellished with workmanship, striped motifs and graceful floral motifs, available in soft and relaxing colours. men's slippers, on the other hand, meet the needs of comfort, practicality and and style, to make him feel like the center of attention when he takes care of himself.

Discover the collection of terry, microfibre and cotton bathrobes, together with Coin's bath slippers, to transform your moment of relaxation into an experience of pure comfort and style.

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