Living Room Curtains

Curtains are a versatile furnishing accessory, they are the final touch that completes the home and the easiest to change to renew rooms: there are many solutions to give personality according to one's taste.

Living room curtains dress the living area in an interplay of shadows and light, materials and colours. Lightweight or opaque curtains, depending on the thickness and composition of the fabric, can let light through or filter it, welcoming the changing seasons. They are also perfect for ensuring privacy by creating a discreet and sensual veil that embellishes windows and window frames.

Salon curtains can add touches of colour in harmony with the room to enhance the décor. Coincasa has created a collection of plain, elegant colours or patterns so vibrant that they can liven up even the most neutral spaces.

Living room curtains and especially plain linen curtains have all the charm and practicality of a natural fabric that is both robust and refined. Their shades encourage relaxation and adapt gracefully and stylishly to any décor. Coloured curtains for living rooms, on the other hand, give verve and in the shaded versions with concealed loops play with the air coming in through the open window to evoke the carefree mood of summer.

Embroidery, ramage motifs, fancy prints and patterns, devoré or jacquard work make up a varied and stimulating collection that lends charm to rooms and living rooms by playing with lightness and seduction.

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