Glasses and Stem Glasses

Among the most popular proposals innovative from Coin you will find the borosilicate glass glasses, adorned with decorations with summer motifs, and the recycled glass glasses, which combine respect for the environment with sophisticated aesthetics. Don't miss the exclusive blown glass creations, authentic works of art made in Italy, born from the collaboration between the ancient techniques of Tuscan and Murano master craftsmen and the innovation of contemporary design.

Our sets of colored glasses for water and wine are perfectly in line with the latest trends, ideal for giving color and liveliness to your home. to the table in combination with plates and tablecloths decorated with motifs that recall summer. Whether you prefer classic or more classic styles bold, transparent or brightly colored, these sets of glasses, combined with coordinated carafes and decanters, bring a unique elegance to every table.

For special occasions, choose our wine glass sets by Coin, ideal for sharing tastings with friends or enjoying personal moments of relaxation. Our beer glasses find their place on these occasions, especially when they accompany quality craft beers, completing the table arrangement with a touch of class comparable to refined sets of wine glasses .

To best enhance scents and aromas, Coin'ssets of glasses and wine glasses, made with unique and distinctive designs, are designed to enhance the body, aroma and bouquet of the fine wines. Coin offers a vast selection of coloured glass glasses, crystal and sets of wine glasses designed to satisfy every need.

Explore our collection and be inspired by the quality and by the extraordinary beauty of our sets of glasses and stemware.

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