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Linen, quality and respect for nature.
The new linen Capsule Collection has arrived. A collection that represents a journey into the excellence of production and the elegance of Italian style, where each piece expresses attention to quality materials and manufacturing. Exclusivity and style come together in a capsule of pure fine linen garments entirely made in Italy. The simple and refined cut together with the neutral colors convey unparalleled harmony and comfort.

At our Coin stores, the latest fashion trends await you, ready to inspire you and guide you in creating your perfect outfit for the new season. Choose from a vast selection of clothing and accessories, designed to best express your personality and style.

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Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest fashion trends and create your perfect look for the new season. At our Coin stores, the most recent spring and summer collections of clothing and accessories await you, ready to inspire you and accompany you in the search for your unique style.

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Discover the latest spring/summer fashion trends, from oversized jackets to total denim looks, to give a touch of freshness to your personal style. Explore the Coincasa section to transform your maison with style, and complete your spring mood with floral perfumes and ultra glam make-up.

Women's Clothing and Accessories: Explore Coin's Collection

Discover our exclusive collection of women's clothing and accessories from Coin, perfect for every season. Each piece is carefully selected to meet your every need for style, comfort, and trend. At Coin, your shopping experience transforms into a unique journey, thanks to the selection of the best international brands and the most refined pieces of Italian design. Explore the complete range of dresses, accessories, and much more.

Explore our selection of women's clothing

Don't miss the opportunity to explore our collections of women's clothing for spring/summer. From elegant suits and formal outfits perfect for the office, to the most elegant pieces for special occasions, to casual and sporty women's clothing for everyday wear. Whether you're looking for plus sizes or petites, at Coin, you'll always find the quality and style you desire.

The must-have for every look: women's sweaters, T-shirts, tops

Our range of women's sweaters, T-shirts, and tops features a variety of styles suitable for every occasion. You can choose from elegant women's sweaters, ideal for special evenings, or opt for more casual models for everyday relaxation. Our women's T-shirts are perfect for a streetwear or casual look: choose from branded cotton T-shirts for maximum comfort, and elegant T-shirts for a chic appearance. To complete our offering, discover our women's tops, available in different designs, from the simplest to those enriched with unique details, perfect for every season.

Women's shirts and blouses: elegance and versatility

Our collection of women's shirts and blouses stands out for its elegance and versatility, making them perfect for formal settings and professional environments. Our elegant blouses are ideal for the office or business dinners, where a polished appearance is required. We also offer long-sleeved shirts that ensure a professional and impeccable look. At Coin, you'll find pieces made with high-quality materials such as silk and linen shirts, appreciated for their softness and durability, ensuring comfort and resistance over time.

Jeans, women's pants perfect for every look

Discover our versatile collection of jeans and women's pants, designed to perfectly fit every figure and occasion. Our high-waisted jeans are the epitome of modern style, offering unparalleled comfort that makes them ideal for everyday wear. For work environments or formal events, choose our elegant trousers, which combine sophistication and practicality. For warmer days or a more relaxed look, don't miss our denim shorts, perfect for completing your summer outfits with a casual touch.

Women's skirts: style for every occasion

Our skirt collection is designed to include pieces perfect for every occasion. Explore elegant long skirts, ideal for formal events or special evenings where elegance is a must. For a daily, casual yet fashionable look, opt for our denim skirts, perfect for a youthful and dynamic outfit. If you want to add an extra touch to your style, midi skirts represent a versatile and chic choice, perfect for both work environments and leisure time, thanks to their perfect balance between comfort and style.

Blazers and women's jackets for elegant and casual looks

Complete your look with our selection of women's blazers and jackets, designed to add a touch of sophistication or boldness to your style. Opt for our double-breasted women's blazers, which combine classic elegance with modernity, perfect for formal occasions or to stand out in professional settings. For a bolder and more decisive approach, choose from our leather or denim jackets, ideal for infusing character and attitude into any outfit. These pieces are designed to make you stand out stylishly on every occasion.

Explore the selection of women's accessories

Enhance your outfit with our exclusive selection of scarves, silk scarves, and women's hats, ideal for adding a touch of elegance and style. Our branded women's scarves are perfect for adding a classy accent to any look, while elegant hats not only offer protection from the sun but also add a distinctive touch of personality.

Women's bag collection: style and practicality

Explore the collection of women's bags, ranging from elegant shoulder bags to convenient handbags. For a touch of sophistication, be enchanted by the branded women's bags from the best brands, perfect for adding a luxurious element to your ensemble. If you're looking for something practical yet always chic, our leather bags are the ideal choice, combining durability and a style that never goes out of fashion. With such a wide variety, you'll surely find the bag that perfectly suits all your occasions.

Scarves, silk scarves, and women's hats to complete your look

Add a touch of style to your outfit with our selection of branded women's scarves, silk scarves, and elegant hats, perfect for completing your look with a touch of elegance and style. Our branded scarves are ideal for adding a refined accent to any outfit, while elegant women's hats not only protect from the sun but also add a distinctive element to your style.

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