Stylish doormats also welcome people into the home in style. Have you ever thought that an outdoor doormat is more than just a helper when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness? It is the first thing our guests see when they arrive, but also the first object we encounter when we leave a tiring day behind and want to feel 'welcome back'. That is why Coincasa pays attention to the simple everyday things with a dedicated collection.

A designer doormat tells a story about us, immediately revealing style and taste. A coconut doormat, for example, expresses an open personality, looking towards distant lands and cultures from which to draw inspiration for home decoration.

Even the unique and fun doormats are attentive to the safety of those about to enter: all models are made with non-slip backs, to welcome them with kindness.

Beautiful doormats, enlivened by prints, immediately tell of the warmth of home, while friendly doormats receive a hint of irony and always speak the language of hospitality, in every season.

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