Chairs and Stools

Functional objects, chairs remain the focus of daily activities, a true design challenge for all creative people, a complex furnishing element in its simplicity, a concentrate of balance, stability, strength, lightness and beauty. Chairs for the kitchen must offer maximum practicality, in a context where attention to detail and space is also fundamental. The stools for the kitchen emphasise with style and functionality an island to be used for breakfast or a quick lunch, while the bar stools organise a space around which to welcome friends and organise parties and aperitifs, giving dynamism and personality even to a small environment.


Conviviality inhabits the outdoors with folding chairs, a must for the contemporary home that wants to live, and breathe, in the open air, but must come to terms with limited space. They may also be used in the home, in emergency situations because they offer intelligent solutions and disappear when needed: it will be sufficient to choose a model that offers practicality in the garden, being able to blend in when necessary with the furnishing style of the living area.

When summer comes knocking at the window, furnishing the outdoor area is a pleasure with outdoor chairs that respond to the needs of furnishing in all weather conditions with materials of unmistakable robustness and unmistakable style.

Simple and effective solutions that Coincasa translates into seats and stools with character, without forgetting quality and comfort.

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