Kitchen Mats

Reassuring and domestic accessories, kitchen rugs are transformed to adapt to the changes in modern lifestyle. No more only functional, they enrich the environment with energetic colors and patterns. Discover kitchen rugs with modern and classic designs by Coin, available in different variations of patterns and fabrics to satisfy every taste and need.

Kitchen rugs offer a wide range of styles and materials. The cotton rugs with marine prints give a summer touch to your home, while floral motifs and bright colors bring freshness and vitality. to the kitchen, making every moment at the stove a pleasant experience. For those who prefer natural materials, bamboo rugs offer an eco-sustainable alternative that combines elegance and functionality, ideal for those who want a sophisticated and natural kitchen environment.

The washable kitchen rugs offer practicality and ease of maintenance. Made of cotton, they are perfect for transforming and protecting the space between sink and stove, maintaining a clean and tidy environment. Geometric textures and modern designs add a touch of class, while durable, washable PVC ensures long-lasting durability. and safety.

PVC kitchen mats are the ideal solution for those looking for a long-lasting and easy-to-clean product. Resistant to stains, they protect the floor during food preparation and kitchen cleaning and tidying. Easy to clean and indestructible, thanks to the variety of available models adapt perfectly to every kitchen style, from the most classic to the most modern.

The non-slip kitchen rugs in jute, with their soft and sober tones, make your home environment more comfortable. refined and elegant. Thanks to their functionality, they adhere perfectly to the ground, ensuring safety even in the presence of food residues. Practical and easy to maintain, a dry cloth is enough to clean them and keep them in perfect condition.

The selection of cotton, bamboo and PVC kitchen rugs proposed by Coin includes both traditional models in solid colors and jacquard weaves, as well as floral or striped patterns. Practical and decorative, they make every moment spent in the kitchen a pleasure for the eyes too.

Discover all the variations of kitchen rugs on Coin and find the perfect model to enrich and protect the heart of your home with style and functionality.

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