Living Room

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Living room accessories are at the heart of home decoration. They add style to the room by offering functionality and variety. Living room cushions, for example, complete the furnishings and add comfort to the living room. Between patterns, motifs and colours, it will not be difficult to find garden living room cushions to make outdoor spaces more pleasant.

Every season, the Coincasa collection is renewed to offer continuous inspiration to those who wish to dress their world with personality. Cushions embroidered with fun marine themes celebrate summer, while velvet sofa cushions embellish furnishings when indoor is the star. For any environment and at any time, finding the print cushion that expresses creative power has never been easier.

Velvet cushions, however, are only part of a wide selection. Large, small, elegant or contemporary, washable and even waterproof, Coincasa cushions furnish with the energy of colour and add unique touches: embroidery, appliqués, laser cuts, sequins and jacquard work embellish linen, cotton and the finest materials, reinterpreting the living room in a contemporary key thanks to unexpected colours and combinations.


From carpets to curtains, each fabric is available in many combinations of style, shapes and colours. Furnishing will be a pleasant moment, in which you can express all your personality and character, with taste and love.


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