Christmas candles

Candles are one of the simplest ways to make your home welcoming, and as we prepare to experience Christmas, choosing the right one is the first step in creating the atmosphere.

To illuminate the laid table or as sculptures to decorate the furnishings, Christmas candles bring the party to life and are one of the most appreciated gifts. At Coin there are special Christmas candles that can represent a small but very welcome gift, within everyone's reach, for each of the guests and an excellent idea under the tree. Simple or decorated, multicolored or in sober solid colours, candles go from ornaments to an expression of home décor and, every year, bring new shapes into the home, setting the trend. Their soft light enriches reading corners, softens spaces and thoughts.

For those looking for a surprising but quality gift, wax panettone and pandoro are pastry masterpieces handmade in Italy and to be eaten with your eyes!

Among the many silhouettes of handcrafted candles there are proposals with smooth or softly twisted stems, small passepartout candles or large spheres. All are made in Italy and finished by hand according to a tradition in which passion, design and incessant experimentation blend, consume and renew themselves in the shapes and colors of the wax.

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