Christmas dishes

The Coincasa collection of Christmas dishes transforms the holiday table into an extraordinary and unique experience. Let gold illuminate the Christmas table and create a magical and auspicious atmosphere, which will make every occasion special, both during Christmas and at any other time of the year.

Sparkling Elegance with New Bone China Porcelain: The Coincasa selection of New Bone China porcelain services with gold decorations is the epitome of elegance and exceptionality. It's the perfect way to brighten up the table during the holidays, not just New Year's Eve. These services bring with them a touch of stellar and auspicious magic, creating a mise en place that will enchant guests. Bright and sparkling, the silver-plated accessories and the fine New Bone China porcelain with golden flashes add a touch of luxury and steal accents from the beauty of the moon and stars, creating a unique and fascinating atmosphere.

The Fil Rouge of the Holidays: red plates in Portuguese artisanal ceramic or glass, the series of red plates, made with mastery in Portuguese artisanal ceramic according to ancient traditions, is the heart of the holidays. Plates, available in plain glass or with sparkling glitter, add a touch of tradition and warmth to the Christmas table.

The dishes inspired by hunting scenes are precious and informal works at the same time. Each plate reveals a universe of details finely drawn with a delicate hand and finished with a high-quality edging, bringing a touch of refinement and tradition to your table.

Snowy landscapes to start the day with magic: the plates decorated with snowy landscapes are perfect for starting the day with calm and magic, illuminated by the first rays of the sun. These dishes bring a touch of nature and winter allure to the table and are perfect for creating a peaceful and enchanting atmosphere during the holidays.

Coincasa offers a wide variety of saucers with themed Christmas decorations, ceramic saucers with Christmas decorations that add a joyful and festive touch to the table, perfect for serving small appetizers or desserts during the holidays.

Get ready to create an unforgettable dining experience with the Coin collection of Christmas dishes. Whether you are looking for elegance, tradition or magic, on Coin.it you will find everything you need to make every occasion unique. Happy shopping!

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