Christmas glasses and goblets

Coincasa Christmas glasses and goblets: the magic of Christmas on the table.
In Christmas glasses and chalices, the magic of the holidays is transformed into sharing. The Coincasa collection is unique, characterized by glasses and jugs in very light glass, designed to transform every convivial moment into an extraordinary experience.

Surprise in every sip
Our Christmas glasses bring many surprises for guests, such as gift packages, gnomes, deer, and Christmas trees. Every drink becomes an opportunity to celebrate Christmas, thanks to Christmas decorations. The lovingly curated details add a touch of magic to every table.

Glasses with Christmas applications
Christmas is synonymous with joy, and festive details make the difference. Discover our glasses with Christmas applications, perfect for adding a festive touch to every drink. Our designers have created a variety of holiday designs, from Candy Canes to Snowmen, that will make every sip a unique experience.

Glasses for special occasions
If you are looking for the ultimate in elegance and Christmas warmth in every detail for the holidays, explore our selection of red glass glasses with long stems. These glasses are designed for special occasions, creating an atmosphere of luxury and refinement that elevates every toast during the Christmas period. Made with skill and attention to detail, these glasses convey a unique and special atmosphere to any festive table. Every toast becomes a magical experience, creating indelible memories with friends and family.

Whiskey music
A special part of our collection is dedicated to whiskey lovers. The clinking of ice and the colors of a world rich in history resonate and light up in the cut glass of bottles and glasses. Every drink becomes a sensorial experience, a journey through time.

Light Happy Hour with Borosilicate Glass Goblets
And if you're looking for a way to make happy hour even more special, our lightweight borosilicate glass stemware is the perfect choice. Enjoy your favorite drinks, some appetizers and laughter with friends, and let yourself be fascinated by the lightness of these glasses that seem suspended in time.

Perfect gifts
Coincasa Christmas glasses and goblets are not only a special addition to the festive table, but are also extraordinary gifts, certainly appreciated and made to become a memory that is renewed on every occasion.

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